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Brocade Emblem Textile Co., Ltd. Always adhering to the "integrity-based, quality first, customer first" business philosophy, constantly improve the management system, improve the level of service, with high quality products and perfect after-sales service to win the support and trust of our customers. In the future, we will continue to uphold this concept, constantly forge ahead, and strive to become the industry's leading knitted fabric production and sales enterprises.

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  • 03/312023

    The advantages and disadvantages of various fabrics

    Cloth is an indispensable material in clothing, home textiles, home decoration, etc. There are many types of fabrics on the market, which can be roughly divided into two categories: chemical textile fibers and natural textile fibers. Common fabric categories include cotton, linen, silk, wool fabric, rayon, synthetic fiber, etc. There are many different types of fabrics under each category. The following is an introduction to common fabric materials.

  • 03/312023

    Introduction of Cotton Fabric

    Cotton cloth is woven with cotton yarn cloth, is a general term for all kinds of cotton textiles. Cotton is easy to keep warm, soft and intimate, hygroscopic, very good air permeability, is a necessity in People's Daily life. Cotton fiber can be made into a variety of specifications of fabric, from light transparent voile to thick canvas and thick velvets, it has a wide range of uses in people's clothing, bedding, indoor products, interior decoration and other aspects, in addition to packaging, industrial, medical, military and other aspects.

  • 05/102023

    Quick Drying Cloth Tips

    First, polyester fiber. The fabric used for quick drying clothes is polyester fiber, among which, nylon is the most common, because the water absorption of nylon itself is not the same as cotton and hemp.

  • 05/102023

    The Differences Between Organic Cotton And Pure Cotton

    Organic Cotton, also known as ecological cotton, is a kind of pure cotton. It refers to the cotton that has received organic certification and adopts organic methods from seed selection, planting and textile.